Bodycam shows police dog and handler catching motorcycle thieves

A police body camera has revealed the moment a police officer and his trusty canine colleague apprehended three alleged motorcycle thieves as they tried to make off with a bike!


Bodycam shows police dog and handler catching motorcycle thieves

Aside from having a crash while out on your bike, probably the second biggest fear of any motorcyclist is waking up in the morning and finding your motorcycle no longer where you left it.

Thankfully that's not a hardship that'll befall this biker, as a Durham Constabulary police officer, ably assisted by his four-legged colleague, track down three alleged motorcycle thieves before they are able to make off with the bike!

Watch, Police Dog Rex catching motorcycle thieves!


The body-worn camera footage, shared by the police last night, shows PC Jack Hamilton and his colleague PD Rex trawling some back alleys apparently on the search for some scumbags. With PD Rex’s nose performing an estimated 10,000 times better than his human handler’s, it doesn’t take long for the sharp-nosed copper to sniff out the alleged thieves, leading PC Hamilton directly to the scene of the crime. Once said scumbags were located, PC Rex valiantly blocked the door to the garage, bearing his teeth and verbally signalling to the three that any attempt to exit the garage would result in a swift and painful re-adjustment of their external body parts. Good boy, Rex.

Thankfully for them, the suspects took the police dog’s advice and remained still on the floor until response officers arrived to arrest the trio. Two men - one aged 20, and the other 19 - and a 17-year-old boy were arrested on suspicion of burglary. They remain in police custody; no damage was caused to the bikes, and the Honda CBR500R that it seems that they were trying to steal remains in the possession of its rightful owner.

We are now guessing that this all means extra dog treats for Rex tonight and maybe a nap in front of the fire at home.

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