Man takes Honda Gold Wing off-roading with enduro bike strapped on the back

A YouTuber decided to transport his enduro bike on the back of a Gold Wing over rough ground, with a surprising degree of success

Honda Gold Wing carrying enduro bike

The pillion on a Honda Gold Wing is one of the best motorcycle passenger seats ever designed.

Really, it’s more of a throne, and it’s so big, it turns out you can use it to transport another bike. Yes, really.

Want some proof? A chap called Matt Spears decided to load up his Gold Wing’s pillion with a Sherco enduro bike, making for a total outfit that must weigh comfortably over 600kg including the rider. The end goal was to take the enduro bike to some trails, but Spears clearly didn’t want the Gold Wing to miss out, so took that on an off-piste adventure too. Without taking the Sherco off the back. 

This goes much better than you might expect, partly because Matt’s Gold Wing has a few modifications to make it more suitable for riding away from the asphalt, including a skid plate and removal of some of the bodywork. After a while, though, there is an inevitable crash. 

Both rider and Gold Wing look to have been in reasonable shape after the unintended dismount (aside from a few leaks from the Honda) and, amazingly, the Sherco is still securely strapped to the Gold Wing. But, of course, we can’t really recommend trying this yourself.

Spears posted a subsequent video of the Gold Wing tackling some much gnarlier trails, this time - wisely - sans the Sherco on the back. The big Honda does itself proud, with its six-cylinder engine sounding rather lovely in the process. Who needs an adventure bike?