Stolen Vespa 50 Special recovered in Italy 41 years later

Found in a garage 140km away some 41 years after it was stolen, an original Vespa 50 Special is found in excellent condition linked to the theft & recovery of a tractor in Italy.

Stolen Vespa 50 Special recovered in Italy 41 years later

HERE’S a story that could very easily be a fairy tale - after a classic Vespa 50 Special is stolen in Pisa, it is recovered 41 years later in connection to a tractor theft in Castelfranco Piandiscò, and delivered to the son of the original owner!

After a pensioner in the Arezzo province of Italy reported the theft of a tractor to the carabinieri (the Italian paramilitary Police) investigations led them to the garage of the suspect.

When inside they found the tractor in question underneath a tarpaulin, surprisingly alongside an original white Vespa 50 Special from the 1970s-1980s in excellent condition. 

Note: this isn't the actual scooter above, just a similar one.

The police had a look into it, and found that the classic Vespa was originally stolen 140km away in Pisa back in 1980, and belonged to Gino Graziani who had passed in 1992 - his son Paolo was contacted with news of the discovery.

"At first I thought it was a joke, then after talking to the carabinieri I realised that it was all true, I had almost forgotten about [the classic Vespa]” Paolo said.

A classic Vespa 50 Special found 41 years later in top nick! Unheard of.

Considering the excellent condition the Vespa 50 Special was found in, the 50-year-old suspect had clearly been looking after it. Considering the perpetrator's age, it’s unclear whether he unknowingly purchased stolen goods or it was passed down in the family - but thinking about the whole stolen tractor part of this story and his apparent previous history with the police, it’s possible this was a family affair.

Back with Paolo Graziani, on the recovery of the classic scoot he said:

“For my family it has a great emotional value, my father was very attached to this Vespa and when he saw one like it passing by, he wanted to make sure it wasn't his. 

"Now I will take a picture and place it on my father's grave, next to the medal of military valour which he was awarded in 2016.”

A happy ending to a stolen scooter story, it doesn’t come by often, but when it does it’s enough to bring tears to the eyes.

A Vespa 50 Special, after some quick online searching, could fetch around £2,000-3,000 pounds - but in this case, holds far greater sentimental value.

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Source: Corriere Di Arezzo,