Speed records beaten for fastest shopping trolley, bog and shed

If you thought your wheels were crap, and a bit of a shed

THERE WAS a lot of very serious stuff at the Straightliners event at Elvington at the weekend. Turbocharged 272mph Hayabusas, and the like.

But some really, *really* important stuff also took place. Like the speed record runs for the fastest flushing toilet, shopping trolley and shed. Hats off to Tom Ellis, whose 250cc kart-engine powered HA WC Mk1 Toilet (above) averaged 70.545mph over two timed runs, and Matt McKeown who managed 91.55mph on his gas turbine-powered jet shopping trolley...

Finally, Kevin Nicks struck a blow for shed nerds everywhere, when he easily topped the 100mph mark in his 2.8 litre VW V6-powered wooden shed. Kevin managed 104.12mph on the eastbound run - not bad considering its literal barn-door aerodnamics... We salute you sir!

Reckon you could beat these lads? Get over to the Straightliners site now and register for next year!

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