All the gear, all the time. Or maybe not.

No shirt, no shoes, no lid and no hands. No brains?

All the gear?

GIVEN THE heatwave in recent weeks it’s easy to see how you might be tempted to forgo the usual layers of leather when riding, but this Florida rider has taken the dismissal of safety kit to a whole new level.

The relaxed-looking Harley rider was videoed as he passed a car, itself already doing 60mph on the I-95 near Jacksonville. Not only has he dispensed with conventions like a leather jacket and helmet, but he’s also going without shoes or a shirt. 

In fact, the only things to protect him in a crash would be a pair of shorts and a bandana. So you might think that paying attention would be a good idea. Nope. He’s sitting back with one foot on the fuel tank and the other slung over the bars, apparently either using cruise control or perhaps holding the throttle open with his right calf.

It’s an impressive feat, no doubt, but what happens if he needs to brake?