Six time WorldSBK champion Jonathan Rea is learning to ride a motorcycle!

Could Jonathan Rea be the fastest rider in the world without a licence? The six-time WorldSBK champ is hoping to change that, he's taking lessons!

Jonathan Rea learning to ride a motorcycle

IMAGINE what the examiner will be thinking when six-time consecutive WorldSBK champ Jonathan Rea turns up for his motorcycle test, they’ll think it’s a wind-up! But, to be fair, so will the instructor…

That’s right, the fastest man in Northern Ireland Jonathan Rea is taking his motorcycle lessons. 

In the latest YouTube video on his channel he details the progress he’s making learning to ride legally on the road, his training all condensed into one day of preparation with his tests on the following day… I suppose if there’s a man that can do it. 

You’ll hear it from the horse's mouth, but he actually found it quite difficult transitioning his riding skills to the road, because as we all know, sometimes it can be more about being seen and safe than just being able to ride a bike. 

Of course, he’s learning in full leathers on the Kawasaki Z650, it’s all he had available - and of course, he still has the L plates, and the same CBT, Theory, Mod 1 & Mod 2 hoops to jump through.

Hey Jonathan Rea - remember those lifesavers!

Refreshing to see that even a seasoned veteran can get a few nerves when doing something he does on a daily basis - albeit in a different setting. To be fair anyone could mess up on the Mod 1, all it takes is tapping a cone and you could fail. 

He popped a few wheelies too, but that’s not in the test…

I wonder what he’ll pick for his first bike when he passes? Or, rather, which Kawasaki will he get for his first bike! I’m thinking a ZX-10R, seeing as he had a hand in the development of the latest sports bike from Kawasaki.

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