Police officer injured after being hit by motorcycle ridden wrong way down M25

Seen riding against oncoming traffic on the M25, a stolen motorcycle is seen dodging cars and traffic - and a police officer is left with serious injuries.

Stolen KTM in M25 accident, rider arrested

There was a major incident on the M25 on the 23rd of January at around 3 pm, as a man riding a stolen motorcycle is seen dodging cars and traffic, riding on the wrong side of the motorway in an attempt to escape police.

It’s unclear exactly what caused the 26-year-old rider, named as Charlie Bishop, to flee so desperately from police, dodging spike strips and police vehicles, but he seems to have been on a stolen KTM Duke - and when apprehended, has been charged with a string of offences including dangerous driving. 

Unfortunately, one police officer was airlifted to hospital after he and the rider collided, with the officer reported to have suffered serious injuries. 

The incident was filmed by numerous drivers who were shocked by the mad clockwise dash around the M25, the rider was not wearing a helmet at the time. 

As seen in first-hand videos, digital road signs instructed vehicles on the road to slow down, warning of an oncoming vehicle in an attempt to minimise chances of an accident - or worse.

Stolen KTM motorcycle seen riding on wrong side of M25

An update was uploaded today by Kent police, stating that the officer was airlifted to a hospital in London where he now remains in a stable condition. 

Kent police are also asking for witnesses and those with information/footage to step forward, noting on the release that they are “keen to hear from anyone with privately held CCTV, or motorists with dashcam footage that may assist the investigation. Anyone with information is urged to call Kent Police on 01474 366149, quoting reference 23-0643.”

Our best wishes go to the officer injured on duty.

Source: Mirror, Kent Police

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