Onboard: Zero SR/F climbs Pikes Peak for the last time

Professional motorcycle racer Cory West seamlessly rides a Zero SR/F up Pikes Peak, for the last time.

Cory West Zero SR/F.

As you may or may not know, motorcycles are now banned from racing at Pikes Peak again - which comes as sad news for fans and racers alike. 

Luckily for us, Cory West glides the Zero SR/F up the climb with pure finesse. The silence and flow are almost hypnotic. 

The ban came into effect after the death of professional racer Carlin Dunne, as he ran the new Ducati Streetfighter V4 in the time trial. 

In the past, Pikes peak has been associated with seven deaths (four of them motorcyclists), with Dunne’s accident being the most recent. 

There’s no doubt, road racing is dangerous. The Isle of Man TT has claimed many lives in the past, and whilst there’s always whispers of a ban, nothing has ever come to fruition. This is likely because the TT has put the small island in the middle of the Irish Sea on the map, and what’s more, brings in plenty of cash - not to sound too cynical.

You could say the TT is protected, but it’s also adored by millions and by the brave men and women who race there every year. They aren't forced to road race, it’s what makes them who they are - regardless of the potential risks. 

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Pikes Peak, Colorado, not being a self-governed Island clearly doesn’t have the same protections as the Isle of Man, and likely has huge fears about litigation. 

However, it’s nothing new, some humans (not all) like road racing, and are willing to road race in order to feel alive and be victorious. Is it right that someone who doesn’t agree with such things should decide on whether such an event gets banned? 

It’s not for me to say, especially when the consequences of an accident at a road race can be so severe. 

So, as for Pikes Peak then. Let’s remember all of the fantastic memories as well as the fallen. Road racing is the purest form of racing there is, and let’s hope that for as long as people are willing to race, it will stay a thing elsewhere.