The best of the week's viral videos

A selection of the best viral motorcycle posts, all in one handy place.

Teemu Suomela

Sometimes it’s fun to binge-watch TV series. What’s also fun is watching hilarious, strange, and sometimes, darn right confusing motorcycle viral videos. 

So, to save you precious time, we’ve collected a selection of this weeks best. 

1. Size isn’t everything. 

Moto GP’s number 53, Tito Rabat, jumps on a scaled-down minibike to get some important knee down practice in.



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Initially, Tito appears to be taking everything very seriously, as he expertly threads the bike within a small coned area. Then he likely gets bored, or spots the camera out of the corner of his eye, and starts to knee down 360?! Narrowly avoiding a cone as he finishes the ‘exercise’. 

The 2014 Moto 2 Champion certainly knows his way around a bike, big or small. Probably won’t help him retain his Avintia Ducati ride though...

2. Kawasaki bicycle? 

This happy chap is clearly ‘Team Green Forever’ as he builds a custom Kawasaki 'motor' bike.

The bicycle appears to be modeled on the 250 Ninja, with a dash, fairings and fuel tank looking (from a distance) pretty authentic. However the real cheery on top is the gentleman's bright green full-face helmet - which really looks the bomb. 

If he made a children’s version of one of these motorless motorcycles he could become very rich indeed. 

3. Is the Triumph 675 Daytona the best sounding bike ever? 

Youtuber SuperBike Racer takes us out for a blast on his newly purchased Triumph Daytona 675. And it sounds stupendous. 

The same can’t be said for his reckless riding style, clearly, this guy loves a bit of a rush. Best to keep this style of riding confined to the race track. 

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Which bike do you think sounds better than the 675 Daytona? And it can’t be the new 765 Daytona…

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4. Incredible 12-year-old stunt rider 

Finnish schoolboy Teemu Suomela has a passion for stunting. And wouldn’t you know it, he also has the skill and determination to fully get involved. 



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Teemu purchased the stunt modified pit bike from the Stunt Freaks Team a few months ago, and they were so impressed with the little dudes riding that they decided to support him on his mission. 

This kid is going to be something special in years to come, that’s for sure.