This needs to be on your motorcycle tour bucket list

If you are an off-road riding fan and love travel – these trails in Vietnam have to be on your radar

This needs to be on your motorcycle tour bucket list

SINCE taking my bike test, motorcycle tours have always got me more excited than just about any other bike-related trip. And I’ve been lucky enough to take part in some – including one epic ride to Misano last summer.

But that all pales into insignificance next to this awesome looking tour of North Vietnam! From mud roads a foot deep in slurry to some death-defying drops at the top of mountain ridges – it really does have it all!

Keith Riehl, who took part in the trip and shared it on Facebook last week said: “The views are insane, and so many of them to stop [at] all the time and take pics. I ride for fun and share my rides with friends that sometimes like to join me in my travels. I’m setting up a return ride here in Vietnam for next year.

“It was a great trip...I already have 10 people signed up for next year to follow the same trails”

If you want to follow Keith and his friends exploits head to :

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