Motorcycle racer hitches a ride on his opponent

The pair then swing fists in the middle of the track

Motorcycle racer hitches a ride on his opponent

NOT much a steward’s enquiry is needed into this incident, but the ‘handbags at dawn’ showdown in the middle of a live race track is both hilarious and a little scary!

It’s tricky to make out the location of the race from this clip alone, feel free to let us know in the comments below, and the bikes are tricky to identify too – GSX-R style bodywork but with a single disc brake and single cylinder exhaust note. Answers on a postcard please!

What is clear the rider on the inside, right of the shot as the bikes come towards us, either doesn’t realise that his opponent is there or doesn’t care, as he sweeps across to take the racing line into the next left-hander. Clatter the side of the other bike, the second rider slides of their machine and gets pulled into the rear wheel of the bike.

Now funny as the clip is, well the school-yard punch up anyway, both riders are lucky to walk away with nothing more than bruised egos and some seriously scuffed Dainese leathers!