Is Max Wrist a Modern Day Ghost Rider?

We compare MaxWrist the Youtube supercar killer, to the original Ghost Rider.

MaxWrist Wheelie

The name Ghost Rider to the general public means the crappy film starring Nicolas Cage, but to us bikers, it has an entirely different meaning. Ghost Rider is a Swedish nutcase who cares not for the law or speed limits, happy to race on busy public highways on his GSXR-1000 and GSX-1300R Turbo - all in the name of entertainment.

Here as some of his craziest moments:

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So, what of MaxWrist then? Could a mere mortal ever compare to that of the original Ghost? I think he just might. Whilst MaxWrist is riding tamer non-turbocharged bikes, it’s hard to not recognise his impressive and fearless riding style, plus the fact he treats the road like a race track (which is very naughty). MaxWrist, like Ghost Rider conceals his identity, probably because not doing so would result in some serious prison time... although in some videos, strangely we do hear his voice.  

Check him out below:

So, who do you rate more? The O.G, or the new kid on the block?

P.s. Don’t try this at home, leave it to these lunatics.