Lyndon Poskitt’s training ride in the mountains looks amazing

Motorcycle adventurer Lyndon Poskitt has posted an amazing video to his social media channels that shows him navigating a tight mountain pass on his KTM

Lyndon Poskitt

IF you haven’t heard of Lyndon Poskitt, there’s a good chance you aren’t an adventure motorcycle fan. We suggest you watch this video, we’re pretty sure you will be after seeing it!

Lyndon is currently in Spain and decided to take a little trip up into the mountains to keep his hand in on the rally bike and to brush up on his roadbook skills.

Riding a big rally motorcycle – like an enduro machine but bigger in pretty much every way – Lyndon navigates large rocks and slippery shale with ease, dancing his bike along just inches from the huge drop on his left side.

What is a roadbook?

A roadbook is a device that breaks down the route of a rally into smaller pieces. Each ‘page’ will give you three or four waypoints within a short space of time for you to ride to. To follow the route you need to read the roadbook from left to right as you ride, in the same way you would read a cartoon strip in a newspaper of magazine.

A roadbook isn’t actually a book, it’s more a spool of paper that you roll through as you move further along the route. Some roadbooks are manual – you roll them with your hand – and others are electric and can be moved by flicking a switch on the bars. Roadbooks are vital for large rallies like the Dakar and Baja 1000. For these events the theory is the same but the information provided will include compass directions and highly specific details about the route.