You can’t take a Honda Goldwing off-road you say? Hold my beer…

Any motorcycle can be taken off-road as this bizarre video proves... not that we necessarily consider it to be a good idea!

Honda Goldwing Madness [credit: Reddit]

It’s fair to say Honda has form when it comes to defying norms and conventions of what motorcycles should and shouldn’t be able to do.

Just take the X-ADV, a ‘humble’ scooter that despite its diminutive size dreamt big of heading into the wilderness and successfully found a surprisingly large audience willing to go along for the wild ride (despite a similarly ambitious price tag).

Now, technically speaking, any motorcycle can be an off-roader if you’re foolhardy enough because, well what is going to stop you from heading off the beaten track for a go?

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However, as a disclaimer we certainly don’t recommend such an endeavour because testing the limitations of man and machinery rarely make good bedfellows. After all, your sportsbike may top out at 200mph but we wouldn’t want you heading out on public roads to reach that marker for the sake of you, fellow motorists and your licence.

But there will always be those that try to push the boundaries for the sake of five minutes of fame which brings us to this foolhardy gentleman who goes by the name of ‘IIstroke’ on Reddit - and looks a little like Marco Simoncelli to our bleary Sunday morning eyes - , who sets out to prove even a behemoth can be ragged on the loose stuff if you’re brave (stupid) enough.

For this example we have the beefy Honda Gold Wing, a motorcycle designed for munching miles rather than gravel with its low seating position, hefty weight and panniers for days.

We’ll let you appreciate the madness without comment other than urge you not to try this at home…

If this inspires you to get some Honda kicks off road though, we divert your attention to something more appropriate either with the Honda Africa Twin. It too can be flung around with the deft agility of a trials bike in the hands of Toni Bou, but again we implore you leave this kind of trickery to the professionals!