Ewan McGregor buys Ural...for his dog

Actor Ewan McGregor has brought a vintage Ural motorcycle to take his pet dog out on rides

FILM Star and Motorcycle Adventurer Ewan McGregor has purchased a vintage Russian Ural motorcycle so he can take his pet dog Sid out on rides.

The Scottish actor said "I made sure I had gotten him used to the sidecar first; I didn't just throw him in there and take off. I did it very slowly. Now he likes it! For a dog, they like having their heads out the car window because they get overwhelmed with the scents. And now the sidecar is like the ultimate head out the window experience."

With over 3.2 million Urals produced since 1939, they haven’t strayed to far from the original design. McGregor looks to have chosen the vintage looking Ural Ranger that costs £7,600 new.