Bad luck or poor judgment?

Suzuki GSXR rider collects his motorcycle from the impound lot and gets ridiculously unlucky. Rider OK.

Unlucky GSXR rider

Imagine the scene. You’ve just collected your Suzuki GSXR from the impound lot and you’re super excited to get out and have a play on it. The chains are unshackled and finally the anxious wait to return to the saddle is over. Get the camera rolling, the open road awaits.

Now, chances are it’s been a couple of weeks which is plenty of time to get a bit rusty in the hot seat, so it might be best to take it easy, right? Just go for a light poodle through the city and re-adjust to riding your steed.

For the most part, the rider in the video above does exactly that, taking it nice and easy through the city streets, avoiding potholes and drain covers along the way. But then it all goes Pete Tong (wrong).  

As he slips up the inside left lane and maroon car with a moron driver decides to turn left and from the outside lane, in a classic pincer move and sadly for the biker, just reunited with his GSXR, it all ends shiny side down.

You’ve gotta feel slightly bad for the motorcyclist, even though he did rev bomb the heck out of the driver before pretty much gliding into him without touching the brakes or attempting to swerve…

After the fiasco, the unlucky bastard ends up on the bonnet, and in a fit of rage dramatically stomps the shit out of the driver's windscreen, like something out of Gears of War. 

Be honest, did you see this coming? And would you have reacted differently? I’d rather brake and swerve then rev bomb at such a short distance. At the end of the day, a rev bomb isn’t going to save your bike from getting mashed up. But hey, each to their own.  

To sum up, the moral of the story is try not to see red (or maroon); ride defensively not aggressively, as a car will always win in a battle of pure might.