Tardozzi: Why I quit Ducati

Ducati World Superbike boss speaks out over resignation

DUCATI WORLD Superbike team manager Davide Tardozzi has officially announced he is leaving the company after almost 20 years service and here are his reasons why.

Speaking to GPone website, Tardozzi said of his resignation:

“It was certainly a painful decision because you can’t leave a company that you’ve worked splendidly with for almost twenty years without feeling any regrets.

 “I wanted to be completely honest with the Company that put a lot of faith in me. I was loosing the necessary stimulus to do this job, so I thought it was appropriate to tell Ducati in time so they could have enough time to find a replacement before the new season.”

Tardozzi has been recently criticised for his lack of team direction in the fight for the 2009 WSB title; team rider Noriyuki Haga missed out on the 2009 championship by just six points - a situation which could have been avoided if Tardozzi had enforced Haga's team-mate, Michel Fabrizio, to support the Japanese rider instead of pipping him to victory in two vital races.