The Isle of Man TT needs you to help shape its future

The Isle of Man TT is asking fans to help it become a better all-round experience – find out how you can help here

The Isle of Man TT needs you to help shape its future

THE Isle of Man TT may be the most famous, iconic, and important road race on the planet, but that doesn’t mean it can simply rest upon its sizeable bed of laurels.

Even during these Covid-affected times, when people will likely be chomping at the bit to go once restrictions end, a racing event or festival such as this can still stagnate and need tweaking.

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And that’s exactly what the TT organisers want to do. It seems that they are using some of the downtime created by the Coronavirus pandemic to look at the festival as a whole. To figure out where the gaps are and help improve the experience for all.

But rather than implementing a load of new features without consultation with the fans, race bosses have launched TT Fan Voice, a new and interactive forum that allows fans of the greatest road race to voice their views on how the event should be run.

The first TT Fan Voice survey is live now, and focuses on travel and accommodation. The link (also at the bottom of the page) will take you to a short survey allowing you to share your thoughts and ideas. Once you’ve completed it, pop a status on social media (if you have it) and add the hashtag #IOMTTFANVOICE and get any mates who enjoy the event to take part also. The more surveys they collect, the better the event will become.

To check out the survey for yourself, head to: consult.gov.im