WATCH: Valentino Rossi, Lewis Hamilton F1-MotoGP swap video leaks!

Video of Valentino Rossi and Lewis Hamilton's much anticipated F1-MotoGP seat swap hits the web and you can watch it right here

Lewis Hamilton, Valentino Rossi

A video edit of Lewis Hamilton and Valentino Rossi’s much anticipated Formula 1 – MotoGP seat swap has leaked following an apparent blunder on social media.

The test, which took place at Valencia on Monday, saw Rossi jump into a 2017-spec Mercedes W08 F1 car with six-time F1 World Champion Hamilton getting a go on a Yamaha M1 MotoGP bike.

However, questions were beginning to be raised after both Rossi and Hamilton went dark on their social media accounts in the wake of the seat swap, despite both being vocal about publicising it in the run up to the test.

After Hamilton appeared to refute reports he fell from the M1, it appears to the radio silence is due to delays in getting it cut and edited for an exclusive showing on Sky Sports Italia (one of Rossi’s biggest backers through his VR46 Moto2/3 programmes).

However, what appears to be an advertisement showing both on track with their respective machines has surfaced online seemingly by mistake by a Sky Sports Italia producer before it was deleted… but not before it was copied and posted elsewhere. Call us cynical, but we’re going to assume that was the plan all along.

Regardless, said video is here with a 46 emblazoned Mercedes W08 and a 44-plated Yamaha M1 doing laps of the Spanish circuit, together with the usual platitudes that come with such a spectacle…

Either way, it looks as though a full feature is on its way and we’re rather excited about it.