Lewis Hamilton says ‘no troubles’ amid fall rumours in Rossi seat swap

Lewis Hamilton breaks the radio silence over his much anticipated MotoGP test, insisting there were 'no troubles' amid rumours he fell

Valentino Rossi, Lewis Hamilton

F1 Champion Lewis Hamilton has taken to social media to apologise for the lack of information about his much-vaunted seat swap with MotoGP legend Valentino Rossi at Valencia on Monday amid reports he crashed the Yamaha M1.

Hamilton was due to ride the Monster-backed Yamaha M1 while Rossi got behind the wheel of the 2017-spec Mercedes W08 F1 car.

However, though both Hamilton and Rossi built up the swap on Instagram and Twitter, there has been surprisingly little reaction since Monday with no information, imagery or social media posts emerging from those in attendance.

The radio silence has inevitably given rise to numerous reports that the test went awry for Hamilton, with Italian publication La Republica going as far to say he fell, a story that has been picked up elsewhere but with no official substantiation.

Hamilton has now taken to Instagram Stories to give a little background to the test, describing it as the ‘best day ever’ and insisting there were ‘no troubles’.

“Morning world! Hope everyone’s doing great,” Hamilton wrote in his post. “Sorry there’s been no news yet on what me and @valeyellow46 been [sic] up to yet but all I can say is that it was epic.

“We both did great, no troubles at all and had the best day ever!”

The outing, made possible both their close association with Monster Energy, sees Hamilton ride a MotoGP bike for the first time having trialled a Yamaha R1 WorldSBK a year ago, though he did suffer a crash on that occasion.

This is Rossi’s first F1 test since he drove for Ferrari in 2010.