Stoner: 'We'll fix arm pump'

World Champ won't let another physical ailment get in his way

CASEY Stoner has said he'll fix the arm pump that cost him a win at the Qatar MotoGP.

Stoner was leading the race until the dying laps when Jorge Lorenzo and Dani Pedrosa clawed back his lead. Lorenzo sneaked a pass on Stoner, followed by Pedrosa and following that, the World Champ's pace dropped off. Most thought Stoner had cooked his tyre, but Stoner was adamant in post-race interviews that arm-pump cost him the win.

Writing on his blog, Stoner said that having had time to reflect on the race, he's happy with 3rd place and 16 points considering how he felt the bike was during qualifying.

Stoner said: "This week I will be doing some training and concentrating on resolving my arm pump that affected me in Sunday's race. I've had it once before - a few years ago, and we were able to treat it and recover from it quite quickly, so I am hoping we can do the same this time around."