Sound of the Honda 1000cc MotoGP

Honda's 2012 MotoGP caught in testing at Sugo

Sound of the Honda 1000cc MotoGP

CAPTURED in shaky-cam footage is the next generation 1000cc Honda MotoGP entry for 2012.

Through the distorted sound of the mobile's microphone the video gives the first insight into the sound of the new 1000cc Honda as Kousuke Akiyoshi completes shake-down tests of the prototype machine around the Sugo circuit.

The preparation of the bike for the revamped 1000cc regulations has been shown in a previous video released by HRC, with the sound of the bike hidden behind a generic music track. For the first time the raucous sound of the new machine can be heard.

Engine-wise Honda are likely to be sticking with the V4 configuration as the 2012 rules dictate that the engine must have no more than four cylinders. The appearance of the bike from the released pictures show that the successor to the RC212V will be an evolution of the current machine rather than a revolution.

The pictures below show that the 2011 and 2012 bikes are nearly identical in regards to their layout; visible engine components appear to be the same and the only noticeable difference to the bodywork is the smaller air vents on the 1000 and its side panels blend into the airbox cover.

The maximum bore of 81mm is suitable for a V4 engine and the RC212V is probably not far from that now, the new bike will have a longer stroke as the intention is to reduce revs.

The YouTube user also captured Honda's Moto3 machine in testing alongside next year's bike, with two white and red CBRs, likely to be race versions of the CBR1000RR and CBR600RR.

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