Rossi: I’ll go racing at Spa… but in a car

Valentino Rossi reacts to the news Spa Francorchamps will host a round of the FIM World Endurace Championship from 2022…
Rossi: I’ll go racing at Spa… but in a car

Following the news that Spa-Francorchamps will be added to the FIM World Endurance calendar from 2022, Valentino Rossi has given his verdict on the track, stating it is “too dangerous for motorcycles.”

On the eve of the French Grand Prix Rossi described the Belgian layout as the second “most iconic and fascinating” track in the world, superceded only by Nordschleife layout at the Nurburgring.

Rossi, who has never ridden or driven around the Belgian track, voiced his desire to race the circuit one day, but on four wheels rather than two.

“I love Spa even if I never ride or drive inside. I think it’s the most iconic and fascinating track after the old Nurburgring. For sure I will go to race there, but with the cars.

“I think with the motorcycles it’s too dangerous. But I don’t know it very well. The safety is very important. But if it can be safe for sure it’s one of the best tracks in the world.”

Assessing his chances of scoring a potential victory at Le Mans, a track that has been a happy hunting ground for the Yamaha M1 in previous, years, the 40-year old Italian offered, “It’s very, very early to say. I don’t know.

“We are very curious to understand our potential. Normally Le Mans is a good track for the M1. In the last years I was always competitive but for me to win is a long way, from now to Sunday afternoon.

“It will depend on us if we are competitive and also the way to work during the practice. Qualifying is important. Also the weather because the forecast is not fantastic.

“But we have to try. I hope we can have other chances through the season to try to win.”

Why does the Yamaha work well here? “The reality is that we don’t know,” Rossi said. “I want to say to you that it has long corners, new asphalt and good grip, but it’s like Jerez: long corners, new asphalt and good grip.

“But for some reason you never know. It’s something between the marriage of the bike, the tyres and the track. Sometimes you arrive and you start from a good level so you can improve. Some other times you can have more problems so I don’t know why. But in the years Le Mans is always good for the Yamaha.”