Rossi: "Bikes are more exciting than F1"

MotoGP champs can't decide which he prefers: 500cc or MotoGP

REIGNING MOTOGP World Champion Valentino Rossi has said in a recent interview he thinks MotoGP bikes are more exciting than driving an F1 car.

Speaking to Rossi, who has tested a Ferrari Formula One car on numerous occasions, said when asked whether bikes are more exciting:

"Yes, but maybe I say that because bikes are the only one that I’ve truly ridden at the limit. I’m not as good with an F1 car as I am with a bike, so I think maybe if I could also take an F1 car to the limit, like I do with a bike, I’d find that it’s almost as much fun as a bike."

And when asked specifically which kind of bike is most exciting, Rossi cannot decide whether 500cc two-strokes or MotoGP tickle his fancy the most:

"Although I can’t say which is the best, between the 500 and MotoGP. With the 500 you did such incredible things, but MotoGP bikes are also a lot of fun.”

We reckon he's almost saying 500cc bikes are more fun than MotoGP machines.

Given the chance, which would you take for a test ride?

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