Pedrosa slates Simoncelli

"On his head there is nothing but hair.”

A grudge that has been brewing for the last six weeks came out in yesterday's press conference as Dani Pedrosa came face-to-face with Marco Simoncelli.

Refusing to shake the hand of Simoncelli, the returning Pedrosa berated the Italian: "If someone is still doubting this it’s unbelievable. It is quite clear what he is showing on the track. In Estoril he was laughing about if somebody will arrest him but maybe he needs this because on his head there is nothing but hair.”

Pedrosa is returning to MotoGP at Mugello after missing the last three rounds and undergoing two surgeries, with a point to prove and to stop the circulating rumours that the second surgery was required after a supermoto crash, he continued: “That’s not true, I explained this five times, in my blog and press release, how many times do you need this explained? I was doing my therapy and one small piece of the collarbone opened up.”

Sitting next to the Spaniard whilst the verbal attack was taking place was Simoncelli, his short response: “These are stupid words, I came here to clear-up the situation, but if it’s going to be like this then I’m not speaking to them [Dani and Alberto Puig] anymore.”