MotoGP seeks a switch to green alternate fuels by 2027

The premier racing championship is keen to start using 100% non-fossil fuels by 2027, with alternative fuels to start being used in MotoGP in 2024.

Valentino Rossi - Yamaha MotoGP

Dorna and the FIM have laid out plans for taking the premiere racing class forward, with hopes to reduce their carbon footprint and usher in a new age of MotoGP racing (and Moto2, Moto3) away from fossil fuels and towards alternative fuels. 

As of 2027, they hope to be using fully sustainable fuels, with 2024 set as the target to be using 40% non-fossil fuels. 

Ultimately, the switch is being backed as a means to research and develop alternative fuels for the general public to use - in lieu of purely electric power. 

Yes, that means that MotoE will still remain its own thing, with Ducati taking the role as sole supplier from 2023 onwards. 

It goes without saying that this switch to alternative fuels won’t come easy. Engineers, manufacturers and fuel suppliers all have a clear understanding of the burning principles of fossil fuels - synthetic, biofuel and ‘e-fuels’ will behave differently, yet likely provide that same growl and noise that we all love. 

Motorsports is all about efficiency, so it’s a natural parallel. 

MotoGP - alternative fuels, green by 2027!

As per Asphalt & Rubber (also RideApart), a new five-year contract period starts in 2027, with the current period running from 2022-2026. That makes 2027 the next possible date for major changes to be made to the formula. 

A few objectives were stated by Dorna and the FIM, first is that biofuels cannot be sourced from food crops, rather waste products from forestry and farming, or crops grown on land not suitable for food production. 

Zero carbon fuels are to be used also, and synthetic fuels cannot be used if produced using energy sources that emit carbon - other than that, it’s up to the fuel suppliers to figure it out.

The statement does not give, at this stage, any technical details or emissions standards rule changes - rather serving as a statement of intent. 

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