Crutchlow: ‘We don’t breathe when we brake’

Cal talks breathing patterns

DUCATI MotoGP rider Cal Crutchlow has confessed that he holds his breath during braking under race conditions.

Whilst responding to a question about maximum braking distances in GP races now being 300 metres, or roughly three times the length of a football pitch, Crutchlow said: ‘I can tell you it doesn’t feel like three times a football field!

‘It’s incredible the speeds we’re going now. We know we are braking at the limit of the machines, the tyres and the riders.

‘But the worse thing is, to give you a statistic, for the whole time we brake we hold our breath. So up to 300 metres and you can imagine how many times a lap we brake.’

Crutchlow added: ‘It’s the natural thing to do – you’re shitting yourself that you’re not going to stop. It’s the only thing that makes a rider’s heart rate increase a lot on the motorbiie. You tense everything on your body to stop.

‘If anybody says they breathe when they brake, I can guarantee they don’t. So when you go into a corner it’s like taking your first breath again. But the problem is with 15 corners on a track – you are holding your breath for a long time each lap. So I’m glad the 300 metres goes fast or we’d have no breath left!’