Could there be another MotoGP race in South Africa on the way?

The last time there was a MotoGP race in South Africa was 2004 at Welkom. For the first time in 17 years, could there be a new round for the calendar?

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SOUTH Africa last hosted a MotoGP race in 2004, the season opener at the Phakisa Freeway known as Welkom. There has been a total of 10 races held intermittently on the south of the Continent - at either variation of the Kyalami Grand Prix Circuit between 1983 & 1992, or the Welkom / Phakisa Freeway from 1999 to 2004. 

It may have been 17 years since the last sight of a MotoGP race in Africa, but it seems Kyalami could well be on track to host an F1 race in the coming years, having been recently renovated to a grade 2 circuit, and reportedly talking to F1 about moving up to Grade 1 in order to host the top tier of motorsports. That would mean MotoGP riders could return to race there, too.

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Should we expect MotoGP to return to South Africa soon?

I’ll admit it’s a bit speculative, but this all comes about as new F1 CEO Stefano Domenicali answered questions about the future of F1, and when asked if there would be a race in Africa over the next 5 years, he simply said yes. So the cogs started turning, and we wonder if MotoGP may be looking to expand their calendar to once again include a South African round?

Despite Maverick Viñales heading out to the new Kyalami International Race Track in 2017 to open it up, the last time there was MotoGP wheels at the Phakisa Freeway was 2004, a race well known for an intense duel between Max Biaggi & Valentino Rossi - a duel in which Rossi came out on top, finishing first on the Yamaha, a bike at the time deemed inferior to the Honda he left behind. 

In fact, the Doctor will have fond memories of South African races, particularly that 2004 race which he named as the best victory in his career, his masterpiece.

He currently holds the most motorcycle race wins in the premier racing classes in South Africa, with a grand total of... 3 race wins. These successes came in: 1999 on the 250cc, 2001 on the 500cc, and, as mentioned, the 2004 Grand Prix win. 

So stick up some High-Tech Light Panels to get Grade 1, and let’s go racing! 

Let’s just hope it ends up closer to the initial 1983 Kyalami circuit layout, as the 1992 shortened track was so disliked by riders it was removed from the racing calendar for 1993 onwards!

Would you fancy watching the triumphant return of the MotoGP to South Africa?