British MotoGP no longer at Donington Park

New British MotoGP venue to be chosen by Circuit of Wales and Dorna

DONINGTON Park has announced it has broken off its partnership with the Circuit of Wales (CoW) and will no longer host the 2015 British MotoGP round.

Last year, CoW signed a five-year deal to host future British MotoGP rounds but with construction of the Welsh circuit yet to take place, made a deal with Donington Park to host the round on its behalf.

According to a release, CoW and its new subsidiary GP15 Limited have been unable to complete their agreement with Donington Park and failed to meet long-planned payment deadlines.

The statement says: ‘Despite Donington Park’s best efforts, the time lost with CoW being unable to complete the funding arrangements has resulted in delays in almost all of the event’s critically important operational plans, from track works to equipment hire.

‘Therefore Donington Park must withdraw from any further participation. Consequently, the 2015 British round of the FIM MotoGP World Championship will not now be held at Donington Park on August 30th 2015.’

Donington Park has confirmed spectactors who have already purchased tickets are fully protected and will be refunded within 10 working days.

The Leicestership circuit added that other 2015 race events hosted by Donington Park will proceed as planned, including the World Superbike Championship on May 22-24.

Christopher Tate, Managing Director at Donington Park, said: ‘The whole Donington team who have worked so hard here over the past six months to fulfil our part of the MotoGP planning are as disappointed as those many fans will be who wanted to see the event return to Donington Park.

‘The position we are now in is of course frustrating and uncomfortable for all concerned.

‘We have our overall business, our staff and their futures to consider as well as our concerns for the fans. We have rebuilt so much of this facility and its global reputation in the years since 2010 under new ownership and management, and we are not going to risk all that nor risk affecting the quality of the MotoGP fans’ experience – looking after the fans is at the heart of what Donington does.

‘It is this week, way past any normal deadlines, when we - in partnership with CoW - would have been committing to major expenditures. CoW have made it clear to us that they are not now in a position to complete, so we have to withdraw and end the planned arrangement.’

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