Aprilia shelves its Moto2 project

Aprilia pull out of Moto2 class and won't be supplying any bikes to privateer teams

APRILIA HAVE announced that they won't be a part of the Moto2 class in 2010.

The main reason given for the withdrawal is the required use of a Honda-built engine. However, Aprilia have known about this since May 5th and this announcement comes as a shock as its Moto2 chassis is said to be 'almost finished'.

In a statement Aprilia said: "It would be useless and harmful to the image of a large Italian and European motorcycle manufacturer, which has won 43 world titles in road racing and off road competition, to take part in a competition which relies on engine technology by a rival constructor."

So there you have it, Mapfre Aspar and Speedup Aprilia will have to find new cuppliers, while Aprilia are rumoured to be taking their cash and pumping it into World Superbikes, with a second team rumoured to be on the cards.