Dainese: No problem with Lorenzo suit

Italian racing leather giant defends Jorge's 'premature' at Valencia

DAINESE has said that although Jorge Lorenzo's in-suit airbag system went off on lap four of the final race in Valencia when the Fiat Yamaha rider was nearly highsided off his Yamaha, the system all worked perfectly well.

Moments after the race, Lorenzo moaned about the system, claiming the ballooning suit had restricted his movement on the bike, but the Italian company is saying that as far as it's concerned everything worked well.

In contrast to Lorenzo's moan, Dainese are claiming the system did not affect the Spaniard's riding, after reviewing the data provided by the telemetry on board.

Dainese said: “Analysis of the lap times for that section of the track indicated a delay of at least six to seven tenths of a second, mainly due to the loss of equilibrium and opening of the Airbag, which then deflated on course, resetting itself within approximately 20 seconds.”

Lorenzo has already said he still wants to to continue using the Dainese D-Air in 2010.