Aprilia confirms 2015 MotoGP return with Gresini team

Riders yet to be named

APRILIA has confirmed its return to Factory MotoGP racing in 2015 with the Gresini team.

A four-year contract has been signed but Aprilia is yet to name any riders involved in the project.

Their return to the top tier of motorcycle racing, which has come a year earlier than initially announced, will allow the Italian marque to race under the same Factory rules as Ducati and Suzuki in 2015, meaning they won't be restricted to a control ECU and can still benefit from Open class concessions.

Team Principal Fausto Gresini, said: ‘I am very glad that Aprilia identified Gresini Racing as the ideal partner to enter the MotoGP World Championship: I would like to thank the Piaggio Group for giving me a fantastic opportunity, that is working closely with such a glorious manufacturer; an Italian brand that has become a synonymous of passion for racing, reaching amazing results worldwide,’

‘The four years agreement between Gresini Racing and Aprilia opens a new chapter in our history: in this moment I feel a great responsibility, but the motivation to succeed in this exciting, all Italian challenge is even bigger.

‘The Grand Prix world is part of the Aprilia brand and to represent it in the premier class, the MotoGP World Championship, is a source of great pride for all of us. An incredible reward for the work done in all these years by Gresini Racing.’