Anthony West slams ‘corrupt’ FIM, accuses Marquez, Rossi of cheating

Ex-MotoGP rider Anthony West rallies against a 'corrupt' FIM after he is accused of violating his doping ban, says body allows certain riders to cheat

Anthony West

Ex-MotoGP rider Anthony West has delivered an extraordinary outburst against the FIM - and by extension MotoGP champions Marc Marquez and Valentino Rossi - accusing it of allowing riders to cheat their way to titles.

The Australian, who raced in the GP paddock for nearly two decades – including two seasons in the MotoGP World Championship – has endured a difficult period in more recent years after being suspended for doping by the FIM governing body in September 2018, for the second time in his career.

As such, West has since been competing in the Brazilian Superbike Championship seemingly believing it would get around his ban since it is not sanctioned by the FIM. However, a notification from the FIM dated for January 2020 appears to be reminding him of his violations, which includes signing and racing for the Kawasaki Brazil team, and the potential consequences of his actions.

The notification goes on to say he has been called for an FIM International Disciplinary Court to justify his actions. In the meantime, he is ‘urged’ not to participate in any further races until the hearing.

As a result of this, an apparently desperate West took to Facebook to vent his anger towards the FIM for what he says is a ‘corrupt’ institution, saying it has ‘made up rules’ to stop him from racing in a series it has no authority over.

However, in a startling move, he goes further than that, accusing the FIM of allowing Marquez to cheat his way to the 2013 Moto2 World Championship with a special ECU, adding that Rossi’s 500GP world titles were won with tyres developed just for him.

In what is a tough read - raising concern for his troubles - he adds that he is now quitting racing

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"I quit. I’m done. These corrupt people are out of control and out to destroy me. I raced in Brazil a championship That was a NOT FIM affiliated. Now they invent there own rules like they have control over me racing there. They already stopped me from racing there by going to Kawasaki japan and making them stop my sponsorship in Brazil. I hate life as it is and I was trying to do my best to come back broke.

"Kicked out of home from my dad. I have no money. And can’t get a decent job as all I have done in my life was waste my time racing motorcycles. What a loser I am! Here is some advice to everyone dont think you will ever make it racing by working hard. If you want win. Pay for it $

"They let Marc Marquez win a Moto2 championship buy cheating with his ecu. When Tom luthi’s team went to complain they said keep quite Spain needs a new champion. You have to accept 2nd place or less. Or you won’t be racing here again next year.

"They let Rossi win all his 500cc championship by giving him special tires made for the tracks they were on. They used the helicopters tires in from the factory only for Rossi. So he could win races. Everything you see is fake and controlled. Don’t believe anything you see. They control who wins races and who doesn’t.

"I’m so fucking angry  I have a 100 other story’s like this. I give up. I planned on coming back racing in September but I can’t take this shit from FIM anymore. It’s destroyed my life to the point I wish I was dead. I hate life. Fuck you again FIM

West competed in MotoGP with Kawasaki in 2007 and 2008, and won two races in the 250GP/Moto2 series. He was known for his adept abilities of riding in the wet.