WSB: Rolfo walks out on Stiggy Honda

Robbie quits as team takes on Kawasaki MotoGP exile

Robbie Rolfo...he's off

WHAT'S GOING on at Stiggy Honda now then? It looks as though Robby Rolfo has had a bit of a handbags moment and - in light of the news that MotoGP refugee John Hopkins had signed for the team - left the Stiggy Honda concern with immediate effect.

Speaking last night, Rolfo said: "I have weighed up the options especially as far as the equipment and the team go I think that the sponsors prefer another rider. In my view of the situation I now prefer to finish my collaboration with the Stiggy team. I want to give thanks to my mechanics and all those who have helped me this season."

Rolfo hasn't exactly shined in WSB this year so far, he retired from both big bike races in Qatar.