Graeme Gowland's R1 leaps the barrier at Oulton Park

Gowland tucks the front flat out in 5th and his bike heads straight for the lake

NO-ONE likes to crash, but Graeme Gowland lost it in a big way at Oulton Park last weekend. Flat-out in 5th, Gowland lost the front, causes himself and the bike to hurtle into the gravel.

Gowland's R1 flipped end over end across the gravel and leapt the barrier, ended up in the lake. We can't help but think Gowland is lucky to has not followed his R1 in. That's two massive crashes at Oulton, where we feel the circuit needs more run-off to avoid a fatality in the future.

Check out Karl Harris' huge crash in the Oulton Park BSB race. He is lucky to be alive.