Ducati’s Panigale V4R makes it’s endurance racing debut

A privately entered Ducati Panigale V4R made is endurance racing debut at the Bol d’Or 24 hour race last weekend

V4R endurance racer.

A DUCATI Panigale V4R ran by the Hertrampf Racing Endurance Team took part in what was the first endurance racing outing for the MotoGP inspired superbike.

The entry was not a factory-supported effort, instead, the bike was being entered and run by the experienced Hertrampf Racing Endurance Team, who are no strangers to running the Italian built machines in races like the Bol d’Or.

This is the first time though that they (or anyone else for that matter) have tried to put a Panigale V4R through a full 24hr endurance race. And the road to getting there wasn’t an easy one.

The bike had to be totally re-designed, starting with that bulbous looking but fully necessary 24l fuels tank. Still running under the rider's seat, the new tank gives an extra seven litres of fuel over the old one. The front end is also completely new and features different forks, quick-release brakes, and new wheels. Those changes alone allow the team to clear a pit-stop (both wheels and fuel taken on) in around 20 seconds.

Sadly the teams outing at the Bol d’Or was curtailed halfway through the race, with a retirement. After running as high 16th overall, the Ducati Panigale V4R was retried after it’s reported the bike’s engine was running too cold! Having ridden a Panigale V4R for a few weeks earlier this year, I find it hard to believe that engine could run cold, but who knows what other internal modifications the team had carried out prior to the event.

The next EWC’s round is the 8 Hours of Sepang race in December. Hertrampf Racing will be hoping for a more positive result for its Panigale in some slightly warmer weather!

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