Has BREXIT helped to kill off the VMCC Festival of Jurby?

The VMCC race on the Isle of Man’s only short circuit looks in doubt after tighter regulations and doubts over EU Medical Cards casts doubt over the Festival of Jurby

Festival of Jurby

THE Festival of Jurby motorcycle event has been suspended indefinitely by the organisers, who site ever more tightening regulations, a loss of staff and medical insurance worries as the primary factors.

The event arrives at the airfield circuit the Sunday before the Manx GP, with bikes from across the eras taking to the fast and flowing circuit 1.7-mile circuit. The event ran this year and celebrated its 10th running with decent crowds attending, although that maybe part of the event's demise.

UKClubsport reports that a number of senior figures within the committee have had to step down, leaving a small but dedicated team to do the bulk of the organisation. That, coupled with more stringent regulations forced upon the organiser and competitors, has forced them to close the event until further notice.

Another factor is the issue of insurance for non-Manx riders who, as of the 31st when/if the UK leaves the EU, may see changes to the EU Medical Cards as a result, making the act of insuring the event a more complicated and possibly expensive matter.

A statement from the organisers reads:

“As the event grows, we are seeing heavier regulation come into effect, and responsibilities grow to surpass the capability of the small team that organises the event.

“Keeping riders safe is our utmost concern and in the current climate we’re facing additional uncertainties with insurance for any non-Manx riders given changes to EU Medical Cards.

“Consequently, and pending professional advice, the committee has reluctantly, and with regret, decided to suspend the Festival until further notice.

“The Vintage Motorcycle Club has always looked at ways to promote the island’s strong history with motorcycling and the tremendous machines many of our members lovingly restore and care for, and for the past decade of the Festival of Jurby has celebrated this perfectly.

“Our commitment to promoting vintage motorbikes on and off island remains as strong as ever, and the committee with be continuing with the many events we organise throughout the year, including the Manx Rally, however this is a perfect time to reflect and refocussing our efforts to look at new events.”