18-year old motorcycle champ retires

Traumatic crash leads to young-gun calling it a day

18-YEAR old Craig Drury must be the fastest racer to retire after being crowned champion.

The young-gun was crowned British 250cc Grasstrack champion despite being on his way to hospital, following a crash that broke his back, collarbone, ribs, leg and punctured his lung.

Drury had already won the title that day, 7 points clear of his rivals but crashed in the final race of the season, colliding with a barrier. Yet to be crowned, he was airlifted to hospital where he spent 12 days in intensive care.

Drury has impressed doctors with the speed of his recovery, he spent Christmas at home with his family, wearing a body-brace to protect his back.

He said: "If I go back to racing and have another accident I might not be so lucky. I achieved the top of my game, won the British championship and that's it. My career got cut short but I am still alive. I’m glad I’m out of it now because if I go back something bad will happen.”