'Plane crash' for Brookes at Oulton Park

Relentless Suzuki rider has second major crash of the season

JOSH BROOKES continued a form of spectacular crashes after he catapulted his Relentless Suzuki to oblivion during the second British Superbike race at Oulton Park.

Whilst chasing down second position Brookes lost the front coming down Hill Top, sliding away from the machine, the Suzuki GSX-R1000 took a more violent turn. The Relentless by TAS machine first cut across the grass into the path of Stuart Easton before flipping through the air across Brittens Chicane and nearly over the head of the Kawasaki rider, before coming to a rest as a wrecked superbike after slamming to the ground.

Recapping the weekend the Australian rider, who finished sixth in race one, said: “I’m hurting but I’m not hurt, although I can’t work out what is worse: sixth or crashing. In race one we started fast but drifted away, but we made changes for race two and the bike felt almost on rails – it was strong and a lot better.

"To be fair Easton was slowing me up in places; I just wanted to set my own pace as it’s hard to see apexes at Oulton through those little chicanes following someone. It’s disappointing as I believe we could have won that one, but we’ll give it more of the same next time out and hopefully it’ll be our day.” finished Brookes.

Stuart Easton narrowly avoided the barrelling GSX-R1000 in what was a lucky escape that he likened to a 'plane crashing' over his head.

The fall in race two at Oulton Park marks Brookes' second big of the season in as many rounds. Although fortunate to walk away unscathed from this crash, Brookes was not as lucky last time after suffering a concussion from flying through the air at Paddock Hill Bend in the first round at Brands Hatch.