XENA XX15 Bluetooth alarmed disc lock - futuristic stuff

A 120dB XENA alarmed disc lock with Bluetooth capabilities, allowing you to adjust the alarm settings and view battery level from the app.

Xena Bluetooth Alarmed Disc Lock

INVESTING in motorcycle security is pretty important, we’ve all seen the videos of motorcycles being picked up off the road. Heartbreaking. XENA has introduced the XX15 Bluetooth-controlled alarm disc lock to make security that bit more convenient, and loud.

According to National Theft Rankings, 1 in 46 bikes are stolen. But I’m not going to preach about how important security is on your motorcycle or scooter, because at the end of the day it’s your choice what you do. 

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But if you are reading this, you’re probably at least a tiny bit curious about what security is around, and what’s the best for the money. So having looked at this XENA XX15 Bluetooth alarmed disc lock, it answers a lot of the questions I’ve asked of a disc lock, and provided solutions to ones I never even thought of. It works without the Bluetooth setting as well, don’t worry!

By using the XENA app, you can connect to your disc lock and adjust: the alarm sensitivity (shock and movement), siren volume and alarm duration, with a visible battery level for the lock itself. Allowing the user to adjust the alarm settings simply through the app allows for a tailored setting for every location - if you’re parking in a vulnerable area, stick the settings to the max for the peace of mind it’ll set off to the slightest of provocation - and for longer and louder (120dB) on busy roads.

The lock on the XX15 itself is robust, too. As with other locks in the XENA range, the XX15 features a super-strong Mono-Bloc 304 Stainless-Steel body, and a 14mm Carbide-Reinforced Pin - both designed to resist hammer and cutting tool attacks. 

XENA XX15 disc lock, with Bluetooth functions

Utilising a double-locking system, the max security key and barrel has 250,000 possible combinations and is pick-proof, as well as being ice spray resistant too.

It’s incredibly tough, yet still light. The XX15 is compact and weighs just 768g and can be easily stashed in luggage or under a seat, so it will be on-hand whenever a machine is left unattended.

The XX15 Bluetooth Alarmed Disk Lock retails for £110 - including VAT. For full specifications visit motohaus.com