Ventura releases Evo luggage system for Yamaha MT-10, SP

Ventura has announced that its Evo luggage system, comprising bags, racks, and brackets, is now available for the 2022 Yamaha MT-10 and MT-10 SP.

Ventura Evo on Yamaha MT-10

The Yamaha MT-10 and Yamaha MT-10 SP have been added to the list of compatible motorcycles for Ventura’s Evo luggage system.

The Ventura Evo system combines a range of soft luggage bags with the brackets and rack necessary to fit the bags to your motorcycle under one range. 

Ventura has now announced that the Evo is now available for the 2022 Yamaha MT-10 and Yamaha MT-10 SP. A separate, specific kit for motorcycles in Yamaha’s MT range from between 2016-2021 is also available.

The attachment brackets for the rack attach, themselves, to mounting points on the bike’s subframe. The Evo Rack then slots into place on the bracket, and the bags - that Ventura refers to as ‘Packs’ - “use a sleeve-fitting system so they just slide on and clip in place,” Ventura says.

The bags themselves are designed to create minimal impact to the motorcycles aerodynamics, with wide openings and glove-friendly zip-pulls to aid ergonomics, and are made from ballistic fabric, and come in sizes ranging from a small 12-litre bag to a 60-litre bag more designed for longer, touring rides.

On the occasions that the luggage bags are not needed, they can be removed, along with the rack, in order to leave only the bracket attached to the bike, which Ventura says leaves the bike “uncluttered.”

A full Ventura Evo system’s cost is dependent on the bags chosen. An example, however, is that a full system with the bracket, rack, and the 22-litre Ventura Evo-22 Jet-Stream Pack would cost £450.

The full list of bags, and their prices, can be found on the Ventura website.

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