Two new jet helmets launched by Tucano Urbano

Tucano Urbano has launched two new polycarbonate jet helmets in the El'City and El'Max, with both retailing for under £150.

Tucano Urbano El'Max

Two new urban helmets have been launched by the Italian brand Tucano Urbano, with the new El’City and El’Max.

The Tucano Urbano El’City is one of two new polycarbonate jet-style motorcycle helmets from Tucano Urbano, with a double visor system and Clima System ventilation with three ventilation holes. Aimed at urban commuters, El’City comes in three colours - ‘Airborne Green’, ‘Moondust Grey’, and simply ‘Black’ - and retails at €149.90, or £129.03 at time of writing (3 August 2023).

El’Max is presented by Tucano Urbano as a great challenge for the brand, as it tried to overcome the additional hurdles presented by the new ECE 22.06 regulations which became mandatory for new helmets on 1 July 2023. 

Tucano Urbano described its challenges in a press release, saying they were “to remain true to the strictly urban design of its helmet line and at the same time comply with the new parameters relating to the accessories integrated in the helmet (lights, Bluetooth, video camera), to pass the new tests of rotational impact, of impact points on the entire surface of the shell, of deceleration during impact, both at high and low speed, of removal from the front as well as from the back and, finally, of production flow monitoring to avoid counterfeits.”

“All this translates into a helmet that is without doubt more protective, but also larger and heavier,” said Mirko Tambascia, product manager at Tucano Urbano. “This could have been detrimental to our helmets, but we at Tucano Urbano [...] like to be resourceful: in order to fully comply with the regulations, we decided to focus on fitting and proportions.”

The result is El’Max, which features Aero 3D mesh inserts in its hypoallergenic lining, as well as the same Clima System ventilation found on the El’City, albeit with two vents instead of one.

It also comes with a sun visor, and retails for €159.90 (£137.64 at time of writing) in two colour options: ‘White’ and ‘Fluorescent Yellow’.

Head to the Tucano Urbano website to find out more and locate your nearest dealer.

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