Triumph collaboration with Beeline - unintrusive motorcycle navigation system

A new collaboration between Triumph motorcycles & Beeline delivers a Triumph finish to the navigation system built for two wheels.

Triumph Beeline navigation collaboration

TRIUMPH motorcycles and Beeline have today announced a new collaboration for a Triumph-branded Beeline navigation system - the unintrusive route guidance device with turn-by-turn navigation or compass-arrow guidance options. 

Visordown is currently in the process of reviewing the Beeline navigation system at Visordown, and it’s come in incredibly handy on a few of our trips on two wheels around the UK - so we can tell you first hand about what this little navigation unit can do, and what Triumph are bringing to the table. 

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First things first, the purists amongst you may ponder why a motorcyclist would need a sat-nav, often it’s part of the fun getting lost on roads with a vague idea of knowing where you need to be. 

But that’s the beauty of the Beeline system - by connecting the machined alloy unit to the Beeline app on your smartphone, you can set your destination and press go for pointers in the right direction. Setting the navigation mode to ‘route’ will give clear turn-by-turn instructions to follow, or ‘compass’ with an arrow to give you location of your pre-determined location. 

It’s all visual cues (no audio alerts), with a clear backlit display doing all the proverbial talking. The unit can also be used as a speedometer, clock, and trip computer with route tracking & sharing. Your rides are stored on the Beeline app, so you can view your routes after the ride to see where you ended up going - and how many miles you covered. 

Triumph and Beeline collaboration for a navigation unit

Securely mounted to any motorcycle with quick-release twist-lock system, the unit comes as standard with a universal elasticated strap mount to fit any handlebar setup. You can also choose to buy wing-mirror mounts, permanent bar mounts or choose a sticky-pad mount for the IP67 waterproof Beeline unit to live on, too.

With genuine 30-hour battery life, the unit can be charged with the USB charging cable that it comes with, with a 2-year out-of-the-box warranty (1 year more than the standard unit) with free lifetime app & software updates. 

If you’re interested, the Triumph Beeline device is available in Triumph dealers from today - 27th May 2021, and is priced at £199 (in the UK). 

We’ve really enjoyed using the Beeline unit so far, and has certainly helped us navigate to previously unknown destinations on the fly. With this Triumph collaboration, it’s even more stylish - would fit perfectly on a new Bonneville!

Stay tuned for our full review of the device - until then, just know it came in incredibly useful on the Super Soco TC Max review.