SW Motech re-engineer luggage with SysBag

Hard soft luggage, it you smell what The Rock is cooking...

SW Motech re-engineer luggage with SysBag

SW MOTECH has introduced a modular SysBag system which re-thinks the way motorcycle luggage works, combining the best features of soft and hard luggage with versatile and sturdy mounting options for adaptable carrying capacity.

The SysBag System consists of 10, 15 and 30 litre bags, which can be used individually or together in more than 20 different assembly options and combinations.

Each bag can be attached to the bike’s passenger seat or a luggage rack using the integrated loop straps - no separate cords or bungees needed - or side mounted pannier-stye using the ’one-click’ solid mounting system and SW Motech’s discrete SLC rails.

The bags can be configured to suit the bike and the preferred carrying style: a large bag on one side and a small on the other to clear a high level exhaust; one mounted pannier-style and one attached to seat/luggage rack and so-on.

The 10 and 15 litre bags can also be attached to each other - again using the integrated straps, SysBag hooks and loops.

Each SysBag is made from a tough Ballistic Nylon material tested by the military. A double PU interior coating; removable, waterproof inner bag and an overlapping lid keep contents well protected from the weather. Roll-top closure gives quick and easy access. 

Weighing considerably less than hard luggage - just 0.7kg for the 10 litre, 0.9kg for the 15 ltr and 1.7kg for the 30 ltr version - SysBags add little weight to the bike and are much easier to handle off it than hard luggage. Each one features an integrated carrying handle and is supplied with a shoulder strap.

SysBags come in classic black - with reflective detailing for added safety in low light - so can be fitted to any style of machine, without looking out of place. Prices start at £79.95 inc VAT for the SysBag 10.

SW Motech’s SLC Mounting rails start at £69.95 per side and are available for a wide range of models.

For full spec and a fitment list, visit www.motohaus.com