Shoei launch latest full-face motorcycle helmet X-SPR Pro, replaces X-Spirit III

Shoei has announced its latest track helmet, the X-SPR Pro, which has been used by the likes of Marc Marquez in 2022, and will be available to buy soon.

Marc Marquez in Shoei X-SPR Pro helmet. - Shoei

Shoei’s latest track helmet, the X-SPR Pro, has been officially launched by the Japanese company this week (7 June 2022).

Fans of MotoGP may have noticed this year that both Alex and Marc Marquez have been wearing a different-looking Shoei this year, and that is the X-SPR Pro, which has now been fully launched, and will become available in retailers from this September.

The X-SPR Pro replaces the old X-Spirit III as Shoei’s primary full-face track-focused helmet.

One of the key points Shoei have focused on with the X-SPR Pro helmet is airflow, and in more ways than one. 

In racing, the smallest details make all the difference, and one of those details is the shape of the helmet. There are tales of Valentino Rossi’s long-time crew chief, Jeremy Burgess, becoming angry with Rossi’s helmet supplier, AGV, because the shape of their helmet was un-aerodynamic, and slowed Rossi in the straights. The shape of the helmet is also important for the stability of the rider on the bike, because if the airflow is wrong, it can cause the rider’s head to wobble, and then being able to see correctly becomes difficult. 

Shoei’s latest track helmet, the X-SPR Pro is designed to both maximise aerodynamic stability, and speed in the straights, which is why the shroud at the back of the helmet is enlarged compared to the X-Spirit III, and also lower. The X-SPR Pro also features a rear stabiliser, with additionally stabilising flaps.

But that is not the only way in which airflow is important to helmets, because of course they need to be sufficiently ventilated for cooling and breathing purposes. To this end, Shoei have included seven ventilation inlets around the helmet that can be opened and closed according to rider preference, as well as six outlets. This includes a ventilation system around the cheek area.

It goes without saying, though, that airflow is a secondary, at best, consideration when considering helmets. The primary focus is of course safety, and for the X-SPR Pro, Shoei has included an AIM+ protective shell; a modular EPS liner system with multiple densities; an anti-mist CWR-F2R Pinlock visor; Double D-Ring fasteners; Emergency Quick Release System (EQRS) security; and ECM 22/06 FIM homologation. 

Comfort is the final important factor for helmets, and the Shoei X-SPR Pro will be available in four different sizes (XS-S, M, L, XL-XXL). Additionally, there is a modular centre pad, four different thicknesses of cheek pad (31, 35, 39, 43mm), and all pads are detachable and washable. 

You can check the X-SPR Pro out for yourself on Shoei’s dedicated webpage, and a Tweet from Alex Marquez suggests that the new helmet will be available in replica designs, including his own, soon. Presumably there will also be a Marc Marquez replica. When the standard helmet launches in September, it will cost £699.99 in the glossy black or white colours, while the matte black option will retail for £719.99.

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