New LiteLok X Moto features ‘unparalleled’ angle grinder resistance

The new LITELOK X MOTO is armoured with Barronium composite technology to fight back against angle grinder attacks

Testing motorcycle locks with an angle grinder

WITH angle grinders being recorded as the weapon of choice for scumbag motorcycle thieves, it’s no surprise that companies are doing their best to innovate better ways to protect our metal. The latest motorcycle lock to do that is the LITELOK X MOTO, which is armoured Barronium composite technology.

The trick part of the lock is its Barronium armour coating, something that its makers claim makes it up to 15 times more secure than current best-selling D-locks. Developed with the help of Innovate UK, the newly created, patent-pending composite armour is bonded to an already hardened five-grain steel core and covered in a soft protective outer layer.

LITELOK angle grinder test

The video above shows the product being tested against the competition, and while the control product does get cut through with relative ease, the X model lock does indeed appear to offer more of a challenge, with the cutting disc wearing away before the lock is cut.

Speaking about the new product, Founder & CEO of the company, Professor Neil Barron, said:

"I’m incredibly excited to have reimagined the popular D-lock format with innovative design features and our own technology Barronium™, which provides the ultimate in angle grinder resistance. The range was put through extensive tests, breaking discs and grinders in the process. It’s light, secure and incredibly strong. I believe it’s a gamechanger and unlike anything else on the market,”

The new technology will be available in two products, £149.99 X1 and £249.99 X3. the X1 boasts a claimed five times more angle grinder resistance than current best sellers, while the X3 is said to have up to 15 times the protection.

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