Merlin Biker Collective formed to help shape future products

Motorcycle clothing brand Merlin has launched the Biker Collective to develop and shape the future of the brand and its products

Merlin Biker Collective formed to help shape future products

MOTORCYCLE clothing company Merlin has launched the Biker Collective, a bike enthusiast forum that will help to tell the story of the brand’s products.

The group is made up of three like-minded bikers, with the view to providing an unbiased commentary on the firm’s products as they are developed. The reviews will then be published in the form of editorial reviews and videos.

The Biker Collective will receive exclusive access to new Merlin gear before anybody else to allow them to put real-world miles on the clothing and provide their comments during the development and production process. The members will be encouraged to give honest product feedback during their rides, which will be published across a range of mediums including social media, the Merlin website and retailer websites, advertisements, and new collection campaigns.

The kit and clothing will soon be landing in the hands of the selected Bike Collective members, who will then be heading to the Merlin offices in Staffordshire to get to know the team and then head out for a ride.

To apply for a place on the Biker Collective, interested applicants submitted a short video or a 500-word blog review of a product they already owned. The three members were selected based on their enthusiasm and passion for motorcycling, as well as their sense of adventure and character.

Merlin Biker Collective members:

Nate Kwarteng

Front-end developer and manager of the website Renchlist, Nate lives near Liverpool and currently rides a Triumph Thruxton R.

“I’m honoured to be a member of the Collective and particularly keen to meet the other riders in the

Collective. Equally, I’m looking forward to the opportunity to create content that inspires other riders to jump on their machines.”

Zak Johnson

Zak has wealth of experience of the fashion world, having set up the NAECO clothing brand. He rides a custom-built Harley Davidson Forty-Eight, and already owns six Merlin products so is familiar with the brand already.

“I applied for the collective as I genuinely love the products that  Merlin produces and I am a customer. I tell people about the clothes I wear so when I found out about the Collective I really wanted to be a part of the brand I love. If I can help promote great products and  influence the future of the garments that's a fantastic opportunity.”

Annette Norman

Annette currently rides a Triumph Speed Twin 1200 and a CCM Spitfire Blackout and has held her bike licence for just over three years.

“I have recently found a love for all things motorbikes. I’m enjoying being involved and part of the wider biker community while breaking down stereotypes. To have an opportunity to test and input is a privilege and will be like my birthday multiple times a year each time I’m lucky enough to get a piece of Merlin gear! I am proud to be working with a great British brand and be part of Merlin's exciting journey.”

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