Luminescent Sotera Advanced Safety Helmet

Potentially life saving LED helmet tech.

Luminescent Sotera Advanced Safety Helmet

Most motorcyclists love a bit of tech, whether it's super bright Xenon headlights or heated grips, most bikers have dipped into their wallets to bling up their ride. But, what about their helmet?

Besides Senna’s and Go Pros, helmets have remained relatively untouched over the years, with the exception of some funky and loud colour schemes. Because of this, designer Joe Doucet has created a futuristic synthetic Kevlar helmet, with a built-in rechargeable LED light panel. The lid features accelerometers, which calculate if the rider is braking and if so triggering the LED’s to flash red.

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The designer told Dezeen he wanted to create a helmet that worked to ‘prevent accidents’ instead of ‘limiting injury after an accident’. And kindly, Doucet has made the technology open source, so larger helmet manufacturers can bring this tech to market more quickly.

Currently, the Sotera is still a prototype, looking a little like my Dyson Ball hoover... but the tech might just save lives. What do you make of it?