SC-Project releases SC1-R race-inspired exhaust for Yamaha TMAX 560

A Yamaha TMAX 560 might not be the pinnacle of performance two-wheeling, but regardless you can find some extra horses with the SC1-R range from SC-Project. 

Yamaha TMAX 560 with SC-Project SC1-R exhaust. - SC-Project.

SC-Project have launched the SC1-R line of exhausts for the 2022 Yamaha TMAX 560. 

The SC1-R is available in three variants, with either a matte black or stainless steel finish to the exhaust pipe itself, while the silencer is available in either carbon or titanium, according to Le Repaire des Motards.

Testing has taken place with the SC1-R on the TMAX 560 to ensure it is Euro5 compliant, while performance gains can also be found when it is attached. 

For the TMAX 560, the SC1-R can save 2.8kg compared to the standard exhaust, and add 1.3 horsepower compared to stock, while there will also be a gain of 1.5Nm. 

For €1,440 (around £1,200), you can get yourself a stainless steel SC1-R for your TMAX 560 with either the carbon or titanium silencer, while for the matte black with carbon silencer option you will need €1,680 (around £1,400). 

It might not be the grandes expression of two-wheeling performance, but the TMAX 560 is certainly one of the sportier scooters out there, highlighted by its relatively aggressive lines and aesthetics. However, that said, a pipe which SC-Project itself describes as “a hi-tech muffler that came about from the need to offer the public a product with a racing soul,” might seem a little much for a machine whose main objective is to be a comfortable and convenient city commuter. But, then again, that extra performance might allow you five extra minutes in bed at the start of the day. And, let’s be real, who gets up not wanting five extra minutes?