Hevik introduce new summer jackets

Marek and Marek Lady are textile summer jackets with elegance, apparently

Hevik introduce new summer jackets

HEVIK HAS introduced new his ‘n’ hers summer jackets called the Merak and Merak Lady to  which will ‘enable the wearer to ride fully protected during the summer months whilst staying cool in elegant style’.

Both are constructed from high tenacity 500D Nylon are are equipped the with wide mesh polyester inserts on the front, back and sleeves, providing an effective passage for air resulting in the best possible ventilation, even when riding through urban areas during high temperatures.

A key feature of the coats is, apparently, the modern, sophisticated essence they both exude, a style that follows the latest trends. Both the men's and the women's versions, available in black and grey, are ideal for everyday wear, thanks to their discreet but captivating style.

Safety has not been overlooked as they feature CE-certified, removable rigid protectors at the shoulders and elbows. In addition, there is a specific rear pocket for the optional Hevik H-Fullback armor

They come in S to 3XL, priced at £129.90.

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